THE REVIEW: Taqueria Dos Hermanos

THE TRUCK: A couple of weeks ago my mother and I spied the shiny red truck in the gas station parking lot. As we passed by she asked me, the back seat driver, “What do they serve?” I read the sign and replied “nothing that you eat” (she doesn’t eat Mexican) but deep down inside I was hoping I would get a chance to sample some of the trucks cuisines!

Fast forward a few weeks later and with my luck a foodie co-worker comes into my office with a copy of an article on Taqueria Dos Hermano from the Birmingham News! The next Wednesday we gave it a try! 

THE MENU: Basic and to the point! There are over 6 meat choices (all written in Spanish) and around 4 ways to enjoy them (tacos, tortas, burritos, or quesadilla). I ordered the Chicken quesadilla and my coworker the same plus a taco. I have to say, I wish there was a listing of what actually accompanied an entree because I was a bit disappointed to find no onions or sour cream on my plate. The tortilla of the quesadilla was crisp and the portion size was fair. I’d give it a 5 on a 10-point scale, the lack of points mostly for missing flavor. The taco on the other hand was superb in the flavor category as it was sprinkled with fresh cilantro and accompanied by a wedge of lime! The taco was served on a corn tortilla, which has a very distinct flavor!
THE SERVICE & AMBIANCE: Equipped with a flat screen television, that was currently broadcasting the Olympics, the truck was neat and clean and did I mention shiny! There was no real interaction with the individuals inside the truck as he kinda stuck his head out, took your order, and headed back in. Perhaps the lunch hour and the heat zapped a little of his southern charm.  I was tempted to purchase a beverage just for the nostalgic glass containers they were served in! There seemed to be some regulars out and the service was pretty quick.

Not exactly my style of Mexican cuisine but a fun experience non the less! I really love seeing the food trucks out and about in my city! It’s a great indication of the possibilities of progress!

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