A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to tag along with a friend to NOLA!  Sure New Orleans is fun and history rich but who are we kidding, the most important  thing about NOLA is the AWESOME FOOD!

Before I packed my bags, I reached out to a couple of my food savvy friends and here's a glimpse of my attempt to eat my way through NOLA!

FOODIE DAY 1: I grabbed breakfast at the hotel  and mapped out my first food stop. I knew I wanted to find some good catfish and after making my way to Magazine Street I ended up at Joey K's for lunch!

I tried out the All U Can Eat Catfish. The plate was accompanied by a side salad and a couple of slices of toasted white bread could be found buried under an overflowing plate of freshly fried french fries and catfish 

VERDICT: Joey K's staff was an attentive bunch and managed the busy spot well! 

My food came out pretty quickly.The salad was super fresh and the fries were tasty. The buried toast was hard and I would have preferred a hush puppy alternative.

The catfish had a flour based breading  and I'm more of a meal breading fan.  So the search for the best catfish is to be continued!
I'll be back to Joey K's though to try out the rest of the promising menu! 

A few doors down I checked off another foodie must, a visit to the ultra posh SUCRÈ dessert boutique! Full of tantalizing treats from a full gelato counter, an abundance of macaroons,  tempting milkshakes, brownies  and a candy counter... it's definitely super sweet! I picked up a couple of macaroons for some friends back home, tested out some gelato and secured a brownie!

VERDICT: The shop decor alone was worth the visit! The gelato was super tasty and obviously freshly made, I almost cracked my tooth on a shell from a pecan that made it's way into my creamy cup of confection. Stay tuned for a follow up post with more pictures of my sweet discoveries at SUCRÈ !
After an eventful first day! I made my way back to the Warehouse District and joined some awesome folks for cocktails at The Cellar Door! As a non drinker I requested something "sweet and virgin" at the bar and was pleasantly surprised with my custom drink! I'd read a little about some of the awesome food offerings and enjoyed some passed hors d' oeuvres of chicken lollies and vegetarian tacos! 
VERDICT: Cellar Door is an awesome after work nook! The bartender was super friendly the food was creative and I can't wait to go back to try out the Adobe Glazed Stuffed Wings!

What's a girl to do in a city that's all about a celebration... yep... eat some more! This next spot was definitely the highlight of my foodie escapade!  Not only did I get to sit at the chef's counter but the food was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING at the James Beard winning chef Donald Link's restaurant COCHON!

My view from the chefs counter!

Watermelon relish atop of Smoked Pork Ribs

Wood fired oysters with chili garlic butter

VERDICT: I can not wait to try out Link's other establishments as COCHON did not disappoint! The experience was so memorable for an amateur foodie like me! Oh yeah and the food... I'll gush more about it soon as the food deserves a  RËVIEW of it's on but you don't have to take my word for it... make a reservation now!

Still smiling from day one ,I chomped on a granola bar as I mapped out the quickest route to  the St. James Cheese Company!

VERDICT: This awesome little treasure was such a breathe of fresh air! A little off of the beaten path, it was well worth the hike over from Magazine St! This Hooks Cheddar Sandwich with House Smoked Turkey on fresh baked Ciabatta .... lets just say the food gods were smiling on me! 

I love good food spots because it yields a great review! You want to know more about the house-made Macaroni and Cheese I ordered or maybe you want to  torture yourself by looking at my pics of the Gruyere Sandwich with Ham then make sure you follow canuemagine on instagram and facebook so you'll know when we post the full  RËVIEW on yet another one of our favorite spots St. James Cheese Company on our Eating Our Way through NOLA weekend!

Oh... did I mention The Creole Creamery is right next door to the cheese company... Yeah... the food gods love me!


We started off our last day in NOLA with a brunch  meet up with friends! The restaurant of choice SATSUMA! If the line out of the door was any indication of how good the food is, SATSUMA is pretty darn good. VERDICT:With fresh juices and an array of appetizing breakfast and lunch choices, Sunday Brunch at SATSUMA on Maple was a good way to end our trip! I tried out the Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich on toast and I could appreciate the freshness of the ingredients. Only down side was that I wished my bread was grilled a bit and that sides of eggs, bacon etc. were made available on the menu.  I also tried out the Pancake from the brunch menu and was pleased to find granny smith apple slices layered underneath the humongous flap jack! My Brunch buddies partook in the "Green Drink" a mixture of apple, kale, cucumber, celery and fennel with an addition of ginger!

Farewell NOLA... I mean, what's a trip to NEW ORLEANS without some POPEYES for the road!

I truly enjoyed trying to eat my way through NOLA and I'm looking forward to sharing more of my experiences in THE RËVIEW of a few my favorite stops! If you're planning a trip to New Orleans soon be sure to check out the links to the restaurants I mentioned in the post below! Since posting some of my food pics from the trip I've made a few instagram friends ( NOLAPARTYOF2 and EATINGNOLA)  with awesome inside NOLA foodie info that will surely point you to some good eats!



emaginë Birmingham restaurants

Special thanks to all the foodies! New reviews coming soon!


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Gift cards get a bad rap as being impersonal but I think it's all in the presentation! Check out this super easy Gift Globe craft! It's two gifts in one, customizable and sure to be a hit!
ADHESIVE: For this globe I chose to use a little red wagon and attached a miniature flocked Christmas tree. I attached the tree to the wagon with a couple of dabs of Krazy Glue!
TWINE: Measure out a piece of twine long enough to wrap around the tree and gift card several times!
There are tons of cute miniature options in the doll house section of your favorite local craft store. You can also get adventurous and check out discount stores and toy departments for jar items. Just make sure they fit through the mouth  of your jar with ease! This wagon was perfect because the recipient could use the wagons handle for easy retrieval of the gift card!

BALANCE:Two sets of hands are better than one when it comes to balancing the gift card! 
WRAP: Wrap your twine around the gift card and wagon and leave enough twine to make a secure bow

FIT: Test the fit of your wagon! I decided to leave my wagon mobile but you could easily secure the item to the bottom of glass with some epoxy! Just make sure your gift card is easy to retrieve! 

LET IT SNOW: Follow the directions on your Insta-Snow container and watch the magic happen! I used two scoops of Insta- Snow to fill my globe!
FUN: Place the cap on the jar tightly and your gift card is off with flair!

Miniature Red Wagon
Krazy Glue Adhesive
Gift Card
Wide Mouth Ball Jar
*All supplies were purchased at my local Hobby Lobby